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Special Edition, Using ISDN; Que 1995 (ISBN 0-7897-0405-6), 546 pages, $29.99. An in-depth discussion of ISDN and related technologies with practical examples of software and hardware plus discussions of legislative processes, law, and regulations. Used as text by SBC.

Special Edition, Using the Internet with Windows 95; Que 1996 (ISBN 0-7897-0646-6), 1296 pages, $49.99. Major contributing author writing the following chapters: 4: The Various Ways to Connect to the Internet: Which One is Right for You? 7: Other Software for Connecting to the Internet. 8: Setting Up an ISDN Connection. 9: Setting Up a High-Speed Internet Connection.

Special Edition, Using ISDN, Second Edition; Que 1996 (ISBN 0-7897-0843-4), 627 pages, $39.99. Revision of the 1st edition with updated standards, hardware, and software information plus a new chapter on xDSL, cable modems, satellite, wireless techniques, future technologies, and legal, economic, and social policy considerations. Used as text by SBC.


Engineering - A Profession or a Job; American Patent Law Association Quarterly, May 1973, p. 131 et seq. Discussion of intellectual property rights problems faced by the employed engineer.

Networking Personal Computers - The Total Context; James Y. Bryce, 1988. A seminar presented to thousands of students throughout the United States and Canada.

Confessions of a Heretic; DG Review, January 1988, p. 25 et seq. An article concerning seminar leadership methods.

Try a Systems Model for Large PC Net Launches, ComputerWorld, June 27, 1988, p. 63 et seq. An article analyzing use of structured programming methods to plan and execute large PC network deployments.

Fiber vs. Metal; Byte, January 1989, p. 253 et seq. A comparison of fiber optic and copper technologies in the context of local area network design.

Growing Pains; Byte, August 1989, p. 135 et seq. An article on naming systems and directory structures in networks.

Optimizing ISDN to Give More Capacity at Less Cost; New Telecom Quarterly, 2nd Quarter 1997. An article concerning Always On/Dynamic ISDN, a technology under development to improve the effective use of ISDN.


Sub-Arrest Detention in Philadelphia, Ford Foundation and University of Texas School of Law, 1969. Statistical analysis and report based on data collected by the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Police Department demonstrated many persons detained were informed they were not arrested but not allowed to leave and were never charged with a crime.

A Feasibility Study of Regional Juvenile Detention in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphine, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York Counties, Pennsylvania; National Council on Crime and Delinquency, 1971. Major contributing author.

Juvenile Justice - A Study of Court, Law Enforcement, Probation, Detention, and Community Services for Juveniles in El Paso County Texas; National Council on Crime and Delinquency, 1971. Project director, major contributing author.

Regional Detention in North Central Ohio; National Council on Crime and Delinquency, 1972. Major contributing author.

Bang for the Buck; January 12, 1996. Executive overview of telecommunications alternatives and economics presented to the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board of Texas.

Project Management, Technological Change, & Whatever, Project Management Institute, Austin Chapter, July 27, 1999. A presentation uniting the disciplines of project management and technology forecasting.


Banyan VINES - Planting, Nurturing, Growing - The Planner's, Manager's, Administrator's Guide to Raising a Bumper Crop with VINES Networking; James Y. Bryce, 1991. A seminar presented to the public and to Digital Equipment Corporation at its historic headquarters.

Synopsis of Local Area Network Concepts; James Y. Bryce, 1991. A seminar for IBM marketing presented in Atlanta and Boca Raton.

How to Implement and Optimize Your LAN; James Y. Bryce, 1992. A seminar presented to thousands of students throughout the United States and Canada.

Local Area Networks; James Y. Bryce 1993. A seminar for IBM presented to multiple classes of its systems engineers at international meetings in Boca Raton.

Connect to the World - Internet, On-Line Services, Bulletin Boards; James Y. Bryce, 1994. A seminar for the University of Wisconsin Engineering Extension Division presented to a number of classes.

Numerous additional articles, reports, and manuals. Many are no longer available or are confidential.