Jim Bryce
Attorney at Law


Jim Bryce engaged in the general practice law in Austin, Texas for more than a decade prior to establishing one of the first computer networking firms. As a recognized expert in communications, he traveled throughout North America delivering lectures and seminars, consulting, and writing extensively. The pace and direction of both science and technology development intrigue him and drive his significant involvement in technology forecasting, strategic planning, and commercialization. He now unites that experience with his legal background shaping a law practice specializing in technology commercialization, intellectual property, licensing, and issues surrounding the legal benefits and pitfalls of technology's deep penetration into the lives of every individual and business. He works side-by-side with law firms engaged in these areas bringing a unique combination of experience to bear on specific cases of varying complexity. This emphasis delivers maximum benefit to clients, associated firms, and the evolving intersection of law with technology.  
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